What Other School Districts are Doing Around the Country

Of the nation's 10 largest cities, eight use armed police in some form. And in the ninth city, New York, officers receive far more training and scrutiny prior to hiring.

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More Interest Expected in Ohio During School Bus Safety Week after Recent Crashes

Today marks the beginning of a week dedicated to school bus safety, a topic that's sure to be on the minds of local residents following a pair of recent school bus crashes.

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Alabama Immigration Law: Court Blocks State From Checking Undocumented Student Status

Armando Cardenas says he has thought about leaving Alabama because of the possibility of being arrested as an illegal immigrant and the hostility he feels from residents.

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Fremont (Neb.) Schools Ban Rosaries

The Nebraska ACLU is siding with a sixth-grade girl who said that her religious beliefs have been compromised because the Fremont Public School District won't let her go to class wearing a necklace that resembles a rosary.

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Exterior School Bus Cameras Crack Down on Passing Motorists

School districts add external cameras to increase student safety.

The Aftermath of a Natural Disaster

A district leader's role is to create stability, routine and support for students and staff members.

Educating a New Generation of Students about 9/11

Educators memorialize events of 9/11 at their schools and in their curriculum

Designing Safe Facilities

Years after the worst school shootings, new building plans, combined with new technologies, make for safer and more secure environments.

Toughest Bullying Law in the Country to Take Effect This Fall

New Jersey's tough bullying law with require schools to develop safety teams, investigate complaints and set a deadline for resolving issues.

Student Data Privacy Gets a New Boost

The U.S. Department of Education has launched a new initiative to safeguarding student records.