Ten Years Post-Columbine Conversation with Cynthia Stevenson

The Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent discusses the latest security threat and security solutions.

Security Software: Warding Off Viruses

A guide to one segment of education technology

Alternate Transportation Routes

Districts help the environment while saving money.

School Shooting Threat

A quick and well-planned response from the principal and threat assessment team is key to resolving a potentially violent situation.

Threat Assessments

This process evaluates the potential for school violence.

1-2-3 Campus Safety

More than just emergency notification

The Evolution of Notification Systems

Administrators' usage of these emergency technologies widens.

Emergency Notification Systems

A list of the latest systems

Playing the Choking Game

More students are turning asphyxiation into a thrill-seeking activity, but the results can be deadly

Leadership Is Key to Managing School Safety

You must be proactive and communicative.