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Principals as Instructional Leaders

But can they do it all? And at what cost?

Had a Little Rooster by the Barnyard Gate...

Pets in the Classroom aims to foster healthy pet-child relationships in students in elementary and middle school.

SIG Grants—What Happens When the Money Dries Up?

The $3.5 billion in School Improvement Grants will run out by the end of the 2012-2013 school year.

The Importance of the Fourth R—Relationships

Relationships are reciprocal. The more we put into them the more we get back.
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Making Longer School Day Happen May Have a Budget-Busting Price Tag

Six months after barely closing a $712 million deficit, Chicago Public Schools officials have spent nearly $10 million that has not yet been budgeted in their aggressive push to lengthen the school day.

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The School-Community and College-Readiness Connection

Those who hold leadership roles within our schools must come to terms with the fact that standards, curriculum, instruction, assessments and accountability will only get you so far in improving student achievement.

Social Media Eases Middle to High School Transition

Memphis City (Tenn.) Schools have found a unique use for Gaggle's social media tools.
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Ind. School District Gets to Know its Changing Student Population

Over the past decade, the student population that attends Lawrence (Ind.) Township Schools has changed rapidly. In 2000, white students represented 64 percent of the enrollment. Today, the district is 42 percent white, 38 percent black and 11 percent Hispanic.

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Massachusetts School District Marks Muslim Holiday

Some Massachusetts public school students have a day off this week, but it has nothing to do with power outages or snow.

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Proposed Seattle School-Newspaper Policy Raises Censorship Concerns

A proposal being considered by the Seattle School Board could have a chilling impact on free speech in the city's high schools, First Amendment activists say.

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