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Wisconsin High School Science Teacher Gets Nobel Award of Her Own

Teachers can’t always be sure of the impact they have on students but Hudson High School science teacher Vickie McLaughlin got a pretty good indication from one of hers.

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Science Education is a Matter of National Concern, Dow CEO Andrew Liveris Says

Dow Chemical Co. Chief Executive Officer and Chair Andrew Liveris on Thursday took part in an online conference and discussion on the future of science education in America.

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Climate Change Debate Brewing in American Classrooms

There’s a new battle brewing in America’s classrooms, and while it doesn’t have the religious implications of the evolution vs. creationism debate, it has prompted several state legislatures and local school boards to get involved.

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Education STEM Centers Sprouting in Higher Ed

WPI are Wheelock College are two of many higher education institutions nationwide focusing on preparing its undergraduates to teach STEM topics inside the classroom.
Marion Herbert's picture Pushes Science Education During Rover Launch

NASA launched its new Mars rover, the Curiosity Rover, from Florida’s Cape Canaveral on Nov. 26. During a NASA marketing event, The Black Eyed Peas’ announced a launch of his own: a new initiative to get youth involved and interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Reimagining the College Town

The Red Hook (N.Y.) Central School District has been quietly leveraging the possibilities of the college town.

STEM Learning at the Elementary Level

Vickie Hallock, supervisor of elementary education at the Penn Manor (Pa.) School District, introduces engineering at the elementary level.
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Study Says Science Crowded Out of California Elementary Classrooms

California's elementary school teachers find little time to teach science, and when they do, they feel ill-prepared and ill-equipped, according to a new study.

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Moving Toward New K12 Science Standards

Next Generation of Science Standards will be available next fall.

Solving Real Problems

It's time to solve problems in the real world, not just at the end of the chapter.