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State delays vote on capping special ed student class limit

Facing an “unprecedented” public reaction, the Illinois State Board of Education put off a vote Thursday repealing state rules that limit the number of special education students in classrooms.

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Baltimore school for autism seen as new era of learning, cooperation

West of Baltimore, in Ellicott City, a new school for autistic children has opened its doors. The $7 million facility expands the capabilities of what the center can offer special-needs children.

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Mensa kids can face difficulty finding right school

Victoria, Elizabeth, and Kate Wilson share more than just their DNA. The 9-year-old triplets have also all qualified to join Mensa, the exclusive high IQ society, after scoring within the top 2 percent on a designated IQ test. As they approach their next birthday, their parents are considering how to get them into the right education program.

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Digital education shouldn’t bypass the disabled

Students returning to school will find a plethora of new technologies and virtual programs on which their institutions have been spending millions of dollars. Yet even as these new technology-rich environments revolutionize the classroom, few have made provisions for people who are blind, dyslexic, or otherwise print-disabled.

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New Pennsylvania school caters to kids with autism

On Wednesday, A Step Up Academy, a new K1 school in Jenkintown, Pa. catering to the needs of children with autism, opened its doors. There are currently just two students enrolled.

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Revised school disciplinary code encourages counseling, protects special needs students

Education officials are taking a more sensitive approach to student misbehavior for the upcoming school year with a newly revised disciplinary code. The 2013-2014 version of New York City’s annually updated guidelines, which will take effect next month when classes resume, include new rules to encourage the use of counseling, reduce bullying and protect students with special needs.

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Darien, Conn. district hires Illinois lawyer to probe special ed

The Darien school district appears to be one step closer toward healing wounds with parents, now that it has hired an attorney from Illinois to investigate all aspects of special education in the district.

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New Alabama law labels special schools as 'failing'

Four public schools statewide that teach only special-needs students wound up classified as "failing" under Republican-backed legislation enacted this year.

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Voucher schools don't always take special needs students

With choice programs poised to go statewide, some Wisconsin lawmakers have voiced concern that students with disabilities will be left behind.

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Broadening horizons for Miami-Dade students with disabilities

Across the country, schools such as Miami-Dade's Bridges to Tomorrow, a transition academy, are using computer programs and digital power tools to teach life and job skills to special needs students, better equipping them to overcome disabilities, mental disorders, and debilitating illnesses.

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