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Spend Less, Achieve More?

Sustainable PD for Special Ed Teachers

Special Education Expert to Speak Nov. 19

Ellen Chambers, widely considered one of the state’s top special education advocates, will be at Upper Town Hall in Holliston, Mass. on Monday, Nov. 19, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. to explain the basics of special education advocacy and provide information parents should know in order to work knowledgeably with school personnel.

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Vermont DoE Report Shows Positive Special Ed Growth

Vermont's 2010-2011 Annual Performance Report announced approval ratings for 19 out of the 20 required indicators.

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Jackson (Miss.) Schools Could Lose Accreditation Thursday

Jackson's public schools could lose state accreditation Thursday, after district board members rejected a deal that would have given the system longer to comply with rules regarding special education.

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Teachers Union Says NYC Special Ed Overhaul Hasn’t Worked

A two year-old overhaul of city special education programs has produced disappointing results, a new analysis shows.

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Brookline (Mass.) School Wins Grant for Robot Invention

Brookline-based Beaver Country Day School has been awarded a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant of $10,000 to create an automated robotic vehicular independence system that can carry up to 50 pounds for wheelchair-bound individuals or those needing hands-free help to transport cargo. Called JARVIS, students will showcase their prototype at EurekaFest at MIT in June.

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Study Outlines Steps for Boosting the Quality and Efficiency of Special Education

In this study, the District Management Council’s Nate Levenson uses the largest database of information on special-education spending and staffing ever assembled to uncover significant variance in how districts staff for special education.

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Postgraduation for Special Needs Students

Programs for students with learning disabilities help them move forward into the workforce and/or college.
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Cuomo Puts End to Special Education Bill

Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill on Tuesday that would have made school districts responsible for funding the placement of special education students in the private school of their family’s choice.

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