Critics don't give New York science schools enough credit

The best American K12 schools, many of them in the New York City metro area, are fully competitive with their peers around the world, even in math and science—though experts often tell us otherwise.

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Middle school students are earning high-tech certificates

If you needed more proof kids are getting better and better with technology, look no further than Murdock Middle School, part of the Charlotte County Public Schools in Port Charlotte, Fla. Students there are earning the same certificates as professionals working in the high-tech industry.

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Molding the next generation of computer scientists

After graduating from UC-Berkeley in 2002 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science, Kevin Wang turned down industry jobs to teach in the Bay Area. A few years later, he got a masters degree in education from Harvard and then went to Microsoft to work as a software developer. But he couldn't stop teaching.

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Illinois High School Camp Teaches Video Programming

Stevenson High School seniors are using the newest technology in the video programming class to design Kinect body movement games for Xbox 360. Lake County high schoolers have the opportunity to become "not just users of technology, but creators of technology," said Joe Judge, who teaches the video game programming course at Lake County High Schools Technology Campus.

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Robotics Competition Will Help Gets Kids Interested in STEM Careers

Many of us in today’s workforce had help from parents, teachers, mentors or peers in identifying what we wanted to become and getting started in our careers. Today’s students need the same kind of assistance to become the backbone of tomorrow’s workforce and our future leaders. The robotics competition can help.

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Texas Middle Schools Take STEM to the Jungle

Three Texas middle school students joined marine veterans and a team of surgeons on a 12-day expedition through the jungles of Central America. The expedition was part of a science education program called Exploration Nation, featuring real students applying STEM topics to the real world.

Maine's Baxter Academy Will Address What Public High Schools Can't

Students in southern Maine need a school where they can take rigorous, concentrated courses in STEM subjects. They need to be taught the skills they will need to survive and succeed in today's tough job market and excel in challenging, highly competitive college courses.

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Expanding Tech Ed to Fix Skills Gap Would Help Oregon Succeed

Oregon focuses much of its scarce educational resources on the achievement gap while the skills gap widens. Oregon has the worst dropout rate for white students in the nation. Expanding career technical education is an effective way to improve our abysmal graduation rate, prepare students for middle-class jobs, and support manufacturing and innovation that drives our economic engine.

Investments in advanced STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) are also critical to attracting and retaining high-wage jobs that grow our revenue base to fund schools and social services.

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Seniors Have Greater Interest in STEM Careers Now

High Schoolers Gain Skills from Robotics Competition

About 5,000 high school students from 207 teams in Michigan are expected to participate in this year's FIRST Robotics Competition. The teams build robots to compete against each other as they try to win a spot in the 64-team state championship, April 11-13 at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti.

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