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Black Engineers Help Connect K-12 Students with STEM Education, Mentorship

Think engineers are made in college? Think again.

Calvin Phelps, national chair of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) says engineers are built in the third or fourth grade.

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U.S. Behind in Preparing Math Teachers

Countries that are best at preparing their math teachers share several key conditions generally lacking in the United States, researchers say.

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Tennessee Is Still Officially Anti-Evolution As Science Education Bill Passes

A new bill (SB 893) was approved by the Tennessee Senate that will protect teachers who wish to promote "alternate" scientific theories, essentially allowing anti-evolutionists and climate change deniers a voice in the science classroom.

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Opinion: Where Do GOP Contenders Stand on STEM?

With the 2012 GOP race well underway, it's worth taking a look at each candidate's stances on STEM education.

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STEM Learning at the Elementary Level

Vickie Hallock, supervisor of elementary education at the Penn Manor (Pa.) School District, introduces engineering at the elementary level.

Jackson (Miss.) Schools Needs Millions for Renovations

Jackson Public Schools needs about $176.2 million for renovation, repair and modernization of classrooms, according to the Council of the Great City Schools, a coalition of U.S. urban school districts.

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Tips for a Successful Science Fair

K12 administrators, looking to encourage quality student projects, can follow these suggestions from various experts.

How Are Science Fairs Faring?

As districts pull back, fair organizers promote STEM and recruit young scientists, and corporations are offering national competitions to fill the void.

Miami-Dade's 2012 Playbook for the New School Year

Alberto Carvalho's new line of products for the new school year include increased school choice, healthier food, and an emphasis on technology.

Moving Toward New K12 Science Standards

Next Generation of Science Standards will be available next fall.