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Do We Need More Elite High Schools?

Anyone who writes a column always has second thoughts: columns you wrote but wish you hadn't; things you said that you might now modify or things you wish you'd said; and columns that, for some reason, went unwritten. As 2012 ends, let me atone for at least the last sin by writing, as I intended to do earlier, about a book-length study called "Exam Schools: Inside America's Most Selective Public High Schools."

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Carmel Senator Authors Bill to Allow Schools to Set Class Schedules

A Carmel state senator is again trying to give administrators at top-performing schools the flexibility to set class schedules as they see fit.

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Nonpublic Special Education School Graduates Outpace Their Peers In Public Settings

A new study found that students with disabilities who graduate from nonpublic schools in Baltimore are more likely than their public school classmates to be employed, enrolled in a post-secondary school and living independently and are less likely to have been exposed to the juvenile justice system.

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Math Skills In Children Attributed To Motivation And Study Techniques -- Not IQ Score, Study Shows

Looks like Tiger Mom had it half-right: Motivation to work hard and good study techniques, not IQ, lead to better math skills, a new study shows.

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Minneapolis Public Schools May Change Academic Standards for Extracurricular Activities

The Minneapolis school board is considering changing academic standards for students who want to participate in extracurricular activities.

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New Orleans, St. Tammany (La.) Top-Gaining Schools Honored by State Education Superintendent

When you're not yet 10, $8,453 is a lot of money. The elementary school students at Morris Jeff Community School in New Orleans' Mid-City neighborhood oohed and aahed Tuesday as State Superintendent of Education John White awarded that sum to each of 26 New Orleans "Top Gains" schools that made significant improvements in student performance last year, for a grand total of $219,800. And in Covington later that day, White gave $230,000 to the 27 Top Gains schools in St. Tammany.

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It's Time for Common Sense School Discipline

The school-to-prison pipeline -- or, the system of extreme disciplinary practices that push young people out of school and into the criminal justice system -- is often discussed from the angle of isolated incidents. In April, for example, a six-year-old Georgia girl named Salecia Johnson was, handcuffed and carted away from school in a squad car after throwing a temper tantrum in her kindergarten class.

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Ohio's House Likely to Okay School Report Cards

The House of Representatives is expected to approve legislation to create a new school report card and accountability system that supporters hope will help improve student learning. “It is fitting that one of the final items we will deal with in this 129th General Assembly deals with legislation that will significantly advance the quality of education in our state,” Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, told colleagues yesterday before the Senate approved its version of House Bill 555 by a vote of 27-6.

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Data Access for Education Stakeholders

Okla. Schools Superintendent Fears Seniors Will Drop Out

The Douglass High School senior class could be riddled with dropouts if students become too overwhelmed by the wreckage left by years of academic mismanagement, the state superintendent of schools said Monday night.

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