suicide prevention

Toughest Bullying Law in the Country to Take Effect This Fall

New Jersey's tough bullying law with require schools to develop safety teams, investigate complaints and set a deadline for resolving issues.

The Phenomenon Known as Bullicide

Educators can take a number of proactive steps towards preventing a tragedy.

Helping Districts Recover From Tragedy

In December, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools gave $50,000 each to three districts recovering from multiple student suicides.

The Politicization of Bullying

Opposing opinions on bullying in schools today make for political wrangling.

Bus Driver Training

It is not only about driving the bus. Student management is vital to safety.

Preventing Cluster Suicides

Taking the right actions can prevent one suicide from leading to others.

Suicide Prevention and Schools

Prevention programs must receive the endorsement of administrators and boards of education.


How to understand and help students who engage in this behavior