Diversity creates possibility in Indiana district

Merrillville Schools learn to close achievement gap as demographics change

Superintendent moves from good to great in Tennessee

By setting a clear vision, Superintendent Jim McIntyre has made his mark at Knox County Schools

Politics seep into school leaders role

Accountability standards, charter school funding sometimes causing controversy

Superintendent creates academy for other school leaders

Keith Lutz, superintendent of Millard Public Schools in Omaha, developed the Midlands Superintendent Academy for new administrators

Superintendent Paul Vallas’ fate in state Supreme Court’s hands

Vallas ordered to leave office after judge ruled he wasn't properly certified for position

Judge rules Bridgeport (Conn.) Superintendent Paul Vallas removed from office

People Watch

Empathy for All

This southern superintendent thinks about struggling students in all she does.

People Watch

Big Shoes Filled

A lifetime of small-town values spurs continuous success for Joyce Littleton Craft in the Hot Springs (Ark.) School District.