L.A. schools' iPad effort has a two-pronged image problem

The superintendent needs to convince the public that poor children deserve iPads and that Los Angeles USD can be trusted to run the $1-billion program wisely.

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District suspends $30M Amplify program over safety concerns

A North Carolina school district has suspended the use of 15,000 tablets after reports of multiple hardware issues, including the device’s charger melting at home. Districts everywhere have had high hopes that the affordable tablet would help bring K12 education into the 21st century. But melting accessories are not a good sign.

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What we can learn from Rupert Murdoch, News Corp., and Amplify

Since News Corp. may be the only organization with sufficient economic muscle and distribution know-how to make a difference in education, I feel that, unless a disagreeable political or moral stance is explicitly present in Amplify, then those issues shouldn't influence my evaluation of the tablet and its content.

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N.J. schools ask students to bring their own tech

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when bringing a cellphone or other hand-held digital device to school could earn a kid detention or a visit to the principal's office.

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Flexbooks help Georgia district keep up with math mandates

A new flexbooks program will be implemented this fall in math classrooms across a suburban Atlanta school district to keep up with changing state requirements and reduce textbook costs.

iPads benefit learning across all subjects

Visit the classrooms of Burlington High School in the Burlington (Mass.) Public School District and you’ll see the school’s two-year-old 1-to-1 iPad initiative in action. Students' efforts range from taking notes in Evernote to translating first-aid terms for a Spanish lesson to rehearsing with the Garage Band app in music class.

Low-cost digital textbooks for high schools coming this fall

Teachers in over 900 schools nationwide will begin using one dollar e-textbooks this fall. The “Voces” e-textbooks, published by Teacher’s Discovery, an educational materials firm based in Michigan, gives teachers and students full access at home and at school through computers, iPads, and smartphones.

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