Calif. Schools Look to Boost Technology Without Breaking the Budget

Marisa Perezchica circles her classroom, classical music softly streaming from her iPad, as her sixth-graders take a practice test on their own iPads.

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Amazon Makes Big Kindle Push in U.S. Schools Inc announced an initiative on Wednesday to get its Kindle e-readers and tablet computers into schools, entering a market that has been particularly successful for rival Apple Inc and its iPad device.

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Wis. Schools' Move Toward iPads Means May Come with Increased Repairs

If Wausau School District’s first-year iPad experience is anything like Marathon Venture Academy’s was last school year, educators can expect about 1 in 5 of the devices to break.

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The District Leaders Have Spoken--They want iPads and Digital Textbooks

Mobile technology has the potential to be the next boom industry for education. Companies interested in tapping into this market now have a resource that defines the wants and needs of district leaders related to mobile devices with the National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education, published by IESD Inc. in collaboration with STEM Market Impact.

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Samsung and BrainPOP Announce Strategic Partnership

Samsung Electronics America Inc. and BrainPOP announced the exclusive availability of the BrainPOP Featured Movie for Android app on the Samsung GALAXY Tab 2, available through Google Play.

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The $100 Computer Is Here Today

One-to-one across the nation by 2015 is inevitable.

Captivate Student Curiosity With STEM Apps

Apps Drive Hardware

One Tablet Per Child?

Apps and digital content are on the rise, and the multitouch interface may prove to be a game-changer for K12 schools.