teacher evaluation

A clearer view of the classroom

Video emerges as an advanced evaluation tool that offers more depth to teachers and administrators


Administrators can use this web-based tool to observe and sustain effective instructional practice and classroom culture. Using an observation template on any laptop or tablet, data is collected during an evaluation and can be shared with teachers and other administrators via email. observe4success identifies trends by storing, sorting and analyzing data by teacher, grade level, department and school.


Administrators can use this web-browser tool or native iPad app to conduct classroom observations, foster collaboration between teacher and evaluator, and identify professional development opportunities. TeachPoint is forms- and process-agnostic, allowing users to build all approved forms into its system.

Immediate feedback is key to teacher evaluations

How Greenbrier Public Schools is achieving actionable results

Many school systems lack the means to evaluate teacher effectiveness

A look at the current state of teacher hiring

Activists call on Philly schools to limit teacher seniority

On Monday afternoon a coalition of education groups called on the Philadelphia School District to bypass negotiations and unilaterally impose new contract terms on the district's teachers.

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Teacher-training schools face tougher accreditation standards

Teacher preparation programs will have to raise admission standards and ensure graduates are boosting the achievement levels of elementary and high-school students to earn national accreditation, according to a revamp of the process adopted Thursday.

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Seattle teachers reject schools’ contract proposal

Seattle teachers voted Monday against accepting a contract proposal that their leaders had encouraged them to reject.

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Avon Schools joins 60 districts using tech for teacher evaluations

Standard for Success, customizable online educator evaluation and management software, will make its way into Indiana's Avon Community School Corporation this fall. The district joins more than 320 schools in nearly 60 Indiana districts that are adopting technology to create a more streamlined and efficient teacher evaluation process.

Jeb Bush vs. Matt Damon on schools and testing

Here is an unlikely duel: It's Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and possible 2016 GOP presidential hopeful, vs. Matt Damon, actor and activist, over school accountability measures.

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