teacher observation


Administrators can use this web-based tool to observe and sustain effective instructional practice and classroom culture. Using an observation template on any laptop or tablet, data is collected during an evaluation and can be shared with teachers and other administrators by email. observe4success identifies trends by storing, sorting, and analyzing data by teacher, grade level, department, and school.

A two-way audio system gives teachers the opportunity to listen in on multiple small group discussions simultaneously

With Lightspeed’s FLEXCAT, all students at Fremont County District 6 have a chance to be heard

Avon Schools joins 60 districts using tech for teacher evaluations

Standard for Success, customizable online educator evaluation and management software, will make its way into Indiana's Avon Community School Corporation this fall. The district joins more than 320 schools in nearly 60 Indiana districts that are adopting technology to create a more streamlined and efficient teacher evaluation process.

Will New Teacher Evaluations Help or Hurt Chicago's Schools?

In the wake of a strike and amid a skyrocketing murder rate, teachers and administrators alike are trying to focus on instruction.

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How Can We Develop Tech-Savvy Teachers?

Many school administrators classify teacher technology users into two categories: those who use technology and those who don’t. While this school of thought is logical, after having worked with and trained hundreds of teachers and administrators on integrating technology into instruction, I have found that there are generally three categories of technology teachers. I refer to them as, Digital Rock Stars, Digital Groupies, and Digital Phobes.

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Maryland Announces State's High School Tech Ed Teacher of the Year

Jim Deitrich, currently teaching at Liberty High and former teacher at Westminster High, has been named Maryland's High School Technology Education Teacher of the Year.

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Teacher Reviews Turn to New Technologies

Telling Teachers They Are Irreplaceable

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TN Education Reform hits Bump in Teacher Evaluation

Tennessee’s new way of evaluating classrooms “systematically failed” to identify bad teachers and provide them more training, according to a state report.

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Michigan State Board of Education Looks to Change Ways Teachers are Trained, Evaluated and Supported

Michigan State Board of Education members are calling for changes to the way teachers are trained, evaluated and supported as part a wide-ranging list of goals and legislative priorities.

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