Teacher-training schools face tougher accreditation standards

Teacher preparation programs will have to raise admission standards and ensure graduates are boosting the achievement levels of elementary and high-school students to earn national accreditation, according to a revamp of the process adopted Thursday.

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Seattle teachers reject schools’ contract proposal

Seattle teachers voted Monday against accepting a contract proposal that their leaders had encouraged them to reject.

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At charter schools, short careers by choice

As tens of millions of pupils across the country begin their school year, charter networks are developing what amounts to a youth cult in which teaching for two to five years is seen as acceptable and, at times, even desirable.

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Gates invests in program to help teachers discover, share ed tech

There are all kinds of geeky ways teachers can use technology to help their students perform better and learn more. One big problem, however, is that often, instructors either don’t know where to find these tools or just don’t understand how to use them. That’s exactly where Bill Gates wants to lend a helping hand.

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ASCD Welcomes New Teachers to Profession, Offers Resources

ASCD, the global leader in providing programs, products, and services that empower educators to support the success of each learner, is pleased to welcome new teachers to the education profession and offer professional development resources to ensure their success during the coming school year.

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Teacher prep programs failing, report says

Teachers not being trained for rigorous Common Core standards, National Council on Teacher Quality finds

Sioux City schools looking for more diversity in teaching ranks

The Sioux City school district is among many in the state struggling to diversify its workforce, especially as Iowa’s demographics continue to shift.

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Managing resistance to change

Change is hard. Trying new things engages a fear of the unknown that makes most people uncomfortable. Here, Liz B. Davis, director of education technology at Belmont Hill School (Boston, Mass.), discusses ways she has found success managing resistance to change.

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Firing of gay teacher who got married sparks controversy

The firing of a gay teacher at a Catholic high school in Glendora after he married his partner and photos of the wedding were published in a local newspaper has sparked an online petition.

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Education expert talks about teachers' changing roles

Kathy Payne says a commitment to improving education means acknowledging that teachers no longer hold the key to all the answers. The former special education teacher of 12 years and current Director of Education Leadership for State Farm sat down with the Huffington Post at the Aspen Ideas Festival to talk about the evolving role of teachers.

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