Ed chief lets states delay use of tests in teacher job decisions

Acknowledging that the nation’s educators face large challenges in preparing students for more rigorous academic standards and tests, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told state education officials on Tuesday that they could postpone making career decisions about teachers based on performance evaluations tied to new tests.

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Teacher collaboration, communities improve students' math scores

Many elementary students' math performance improves when their teachers collaborate, work in professional learning communities or do both, yet most students don't spend all of their elementary school years in these settings, a new study by UNC Charlotte researchers shows.

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Chicago Public Schools new pension headache

After Illinois lawmakers rejected a plan for Chicago Public Schools to delay pension payments, the District’s budget problems may have gone from bad to worse.

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Furloughs will force Department of Defense schools to shut down for five days next academic year

Department of Defense schools will start the next academic year on time, despite employees having to take up to 11 days of unpaid leave through the end of the fiscal year. The furloughs will necessitate, however, five-day shutdowns during the next school term.

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Diving into Dual-Language

Portland (Ore.) Schools to Use $1.5M in Reserves if Arts Tax is Struck Down

As part of a deal with the city, Portland Public Schools plans to commit $1.5 million from its reserves to fund arts teachers should courts strike down the arts tax.

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Killeen Independent School District Deepens Professional Development Partnership with ASCD

Killeen Independent School District (ISD)—whose more than 6,100 staff members serve approximately 42,000 students—is deepening its relationship with ASCD to meet its professional development goals.

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Portland Public Schools Adds More Teachers to Budget After Parental Outcry

Superintendent Carole Smith added 58 high school teaching positions to her initial budget proposal on Monday after parents publicly decried a schedule that doesn'™t allow most students to have a full school day.

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ASCD Publishes Leadership Guide on Transforming Any Teacher into a Master

ASCD is pleased to announce the release of Never Underestimate Your Teachers: Instructional Leadership for Excellence in Every Classroom by best-selling education author, renowned educator, and professional development expert Robyn R. Jackson.

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