technology plans

CIOs are not just techies anymore

The role demands collaborative leadership, instructional skills, and (don’t forget) cutting edge technical expertise

L.A. schools' iPad effort has a two-pronged image problem

The superintendent needs to convince the public that poor children deserve iPads and that Los Angeles USD can be trusted to run the $1-billion program wisely.

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Wake, N.C. bonds would provide new technology for classrooms

You can still smell the chalk when you walk into Zebulon Elementary School. But there are significantly fewer chalkboards now that the 30-year-old school has its 21st-century replacement—interactive whiteboards linked to computers that allow students to write on wall-mounted displays. The PTA raised money for the purchases made by the economically challenged school.

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4 tech trends that could bring back U.S. manufacturing and innovation

To keep innovating, we need to keep making things. Here's how we can reinvent the country's ability to make things, so we're not just an economy of ideas that we send overseas for others to put together.

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Teachers and app designers join forces

Developers from a dozen high-tech start-ups are entering New York City classrooms to help teachers brainstorm solutions to educational challenges. Among their projects: tailoring math lessons to middle-school students whose abilities may be grade-levels apart. The program is hosted by the New York City Department of Education’s Innovation Zone, or iZone, which works with schools to design and pilot new approaches to K12 instruction.

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How technology is reshaping education

Using technology to transform education isn’t a new concept. But the breadth and depth of how technology can be used today makes it even more important for education and IT leaders to prepare district infrastructures and devices to handle the evolution. As everyone preps for a new school year, Forbes shares the latest on just how technology is reshaping education.

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Technology varies in elementary schools

U.S. elementary schools vary wildly in their use of technology. Some public and private schools have the funding and training to deliver individual devices to every student. But more often than not, computers are sparse and shared between students in special lab classrooms.

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Digital Literacy Is Just a Quick Click Away for N.J. Students

EasyTech by covers national and state standards while preparing students for a technological world

St. Paul school district's big tech vision starts small, by design

St. Paul Public Schools is starting modestly on its ambitious plan to overhaul learning through technology. The district will spend the coming year laying the groundwork for the eight-year plan, funded with a $9 million-a-year levy increase taxpayers backed last fall.

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NMC Horizon Report outlines emerging tech trends for K12 schools

K12 education leaders need practical, forward-thinking information that helps guide technology planning decisions, and the recently released NMC Horizon Report: 2013 K-12 Edition can help. The report is a rich resource for educators considering the best way to use new technologies to benefit students.

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