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ISTE Buzz: STEM video games, cloud collaboration and online PD

Rapidly changing K12 classroom technology that is helping prepare students for college and the modern workforce was on display at this June’s ISTE conference in San Antonio, Texas. The exposition floor buzzed with 4,500 industry representatives and more than 500 exhibitors showcasing revolutionary products such as interactive tables, Common Core-aligned adaptive educational computer games, and data-driven instructional programs.

School technology investments not paying off, report says

Schools are not getting a big enough bang for their education technology buck. A new report says that while computers and internet access are common in the classroom, students are often using this technology for simple foundational exercises, rather than higher-order data analysis or statistics work that will help prepare them for the modern workforce.

"Walls to Windows" immerses students in technology

Administrators at Westfield (N.J.) Public Schools don’t just want their students exposed to technology, they want them immersed in it, and have put together a technology-integration strategy that creates a connected and collaborative school community designed to empower students to thrive as 21st-century learners.

Framingham, Mass. district increases tech spending

For the third year in a row, Framingham (Mass.) schools are planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology upgrades throughout the district, including a possible adoption of the one-to-one model.

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District judge says two Denver schools don't meet innovation criteria

Denver Public Schools did not adhere to the intent of state law when implementing innovation plans for two campuses in a Northeast neighborhood, a district court judge ruled.

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Broward County, Fla. schools fall behind in digital education

Students in Broward County's public schools may be graduating without the digital know-how they need to succeed in college and the workforce. While the state is demanding a major technology overhaul, Broward is lagging far behind.

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Leading technologies that could revolutionize education

With all the technology being developed these days, it’s easy to imagine how technology can transition into classrooms. But most classrooms are still the same as when we were kids, or even when our parents were in grade school.

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Planning for new education technology will be a challenge

As Dr. Verna Ruffin moves into her new role as head of the Jackson-Madison County (Tenn.) school system this week, one of the biggest challenges she faces is to plan for the district's technological future.

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Federal CIO council to form new 'innovation' committee

The federal Chief Information Officers council is creating an innovation committee that will identify and analyze cutting-edge technology. The committee will look ahead three years and identify potential uses and problems associated with technologies being developed, including mobile devices.

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Rockford (Mich.) school board may pilot blended learning program

In a memo, Ryan Kelley, assistant superintendent for instruction at Rockford Public Schools, said most of the approximately 35 students enrolled in a cyber learning program developed by the Kent Intermediate School District failed to make satisfactory academic progress, and the district's board is looking at a blended learning alternative.

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