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Schools Accelerate Shift to Digital

The Future of Tablets in Education: Potential Vs. Reality of Consuming Media

Exploring four dimensions of using tablets, such as the iPad, in educational settings, and examining how teachers can take students on a journey from consumption of media to curation, creation, and connection.

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How to make technology experts out of teachers

While technology has revolutionized how people communicate and learn, federal and state governments insulate schools from the disruptions technology creates in other organizations. To overcome these obstacles, we must persuade teachers that technology will empower them and help their students learn. Here are five strategies for successful teacher adoption of education technology.

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2013 Horizon.K12 Interim Results

The NMC is pleased to announce the interim results of the 2013 Horizon.K12 Project, as presented at the 2013 CoSN Conference in San Diego. The Horizon.K12 Advisory Board voted for the top 12 emerging technologies as well as the top 10 trends and challenges they believe will have a significant impact on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in global K12 education over the next five years.

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Maine Laptop Choice Leaves Schools Relieved, Confused

School officials across Maine reacted with relief and confusion Monday to Gov. Paul LePage's decision to make Hewlett-Packard the preferred supplier of computers for the state's middle school laptop program.

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Florida Education Dept. Revises Budget Needs from $400M to $100M

In October, the Florida Department of Education requested more than $400 million for digital learning in its annual budget request submitted to state lawmakers. The money was needed to buy computers and upgrade public schools' bandwidth and wireless access, it said. But now department officials say they can make do with just $100 million for next year.

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Kutztown (Pa.) Board Approves Spending for Infrastructure Upgrade

The Kutztown (Pa.) School Board approved a $171,500 technology infrastructure upgrade. "The vision is to provide reliable and current resources," said Dr. Christopher Harrington, director of Bridges Virtual Education School.

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New Jersey School Holds Fundraiser to Buy Computers

From 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Saturday, May 11, the Parent-Teacher Organization of the grades 6-8 Madison Junior School will host a special event, “Connections in Bloom,” to raise funds to support the need for advanced technology at the school.

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Muskegon County (Mich.) Schools Pursuing Tax Increase for Technology

Petitions to put a countywide school technology millage on the ballot in September soon will begin circulating throughout Muskegon County (Mich.). Eleven school districts have petitioned the county to seek the 1-mill property tax increase to pay for technology improvements.

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Consumer Technologies Are Making Headway in Schools

Imagine access to your district’s email system on mobile devices tripling in two weeks. This is what Deb Karcher, CIO of Miami Dade Public Schools and her team faced after Christmas 2012. “Santa Syndrome,” a term coined by Karcher, resulted in the 50,000 users accessing the email system on personal devices before winter break jumping to 150,000 when the schools reopened after the holidays.