Freetown-Lakeville (Mass.) tech upgrades to be completed this summer

All three phases of the $903,000 technology upgrade to the Freetown-Lakeville (Mass.) Regional School District, which will make Wi-Fi accessible districtwide, will be completed by the end of summer, according to Craig Machamer, the IMS specialist for Freetown and Lakeville schools.

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Data security is a classroom worry, too

As school districts rush to adopt learning-management systems, some privacy advocates warn that educators may be embracing the bells and whistles before mastering fundamentals like data security and privacy.

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Technology equalizes education and career prospects

Now that students have the answer to everything they could ever want to know in the palm of their hands, at the swipe of the finger, or at the click of a mouse, "what" they know is becoming less important every day. Today, it's more important to teach students how to effectively use the technology and resources at hand to solve real-world problems.

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Niagra Falls school board talks technology

A recent school board meeting for the Niagra Falls School District focused on what board members and the general public can expect technology-wise from the district's "Inventing Tomorrow" capital improvement project, which will start this summer.

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Study gauges value of technology in schools

In reviewing student survey data conducted along with National Assessment of Educational Progress exams, the nonprofit Center for American Progress found that middle school math students used computers for basic drills and practice rather than to develop sophisticated skills, and that no state was collecting data to evaluate whether technology investments were improving student achievement.

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3D printers, remote labs, and augmented reality on the horizon for ed tech

Open content, electronic textbooks, personalized learning, cloud technology, and learning analytics are emerging technologies that K12 administrators will integrate into schools over the next few years, according to the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report on tech trends.

Digital signs are boosting school communication

Schools are using digital signs more widely to convey information to students, faculty, and visitors. From emergency alerts and interactive event schedules to serving as backdrops for marching bands, digital signs are making communication more attractive and efficient.

Digital signs boost school communication

The latest technology is essential in capturing attention and sharing critical information.

School technology trends in 3D

Revolutionary printers, remote labs, and augmented reality forecast for K12 technology

ACT Test to go digital by 2015

The nonprofit assessment and analytics organization – also called ACT – announced last week that it will take its flagship test online in 2015. Students shouldn't toss their bubbled answer sheets just yet, though. ACT will pilot the online delivery in select high schools before making it available for all test takers.

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