Cloud technology forecast: Sunshine with a chance of showers

District CIOs are under increased pressure to cut costs and keep up with the latest technological trends, and implementing cloud technology is an easy fix. Like any new technology, the move toward the cloud carries risks.

Bringing Science to Rural Classrooms

Where robots fail: Why education can’t just be digital

Thanks to technology, we’re watching a revolution happen in education right now. From the explosion in popularity of language learning apps like Mindsnacks to the media furor about the rise of massive open online courses, companies are being built around the idea that technology can radically reshape our relationship with education.

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Questions to Ask Cloud Vendors

Cloud Technology Forecast: Sunshine with Chance of Showers

Keeping universally-accessible district information safe in the cloud

K12 Hotspots on the Web

Here is the newly-revised DA guide to favorite education sites.

Fast Fact

High school students train for technology jobs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been pressing his idea of a "homegrown workforce" to feed New York City's tech industry, and it is one he is trying to foster in the city's public schools. The Academy for Software Engineering, for instance, a high school in Manhattan devoted to computer science, opened in September, and the school received 1,400 applications for its next freshman class of 125.

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New tool simplifies online project management

Shared or distributed leadership is a concept familiar to education leaders, and now a new web tool, called Pipeline, and developed by a Carnegie Mellon University researcher, looks to make the process simpler and more effective.

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Federal grants should go to schools with a real plan

Over the past decade, the United States has spent upwards of $100 billion on K12 classroom technology to no discernible effect. The reason is clear: most education technology in use in K12 classrooms is not integrated into core instruction, and thus offers limited educational value.

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