School Out, Tech In: Welcome to the Future of Education

At the 2007 EG Conference for youth and young adults, Kevin Kelly told the audience that, 10 years ago, no-one would have believed the internet was coming, least of all him. "What I’m here to say today is that education is being transformed by technology. The future is here, but educators and deans, the ones who hold the gauntlet, are choosing not to believe it."

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Illinois Private School Earns Tech Points By Recycling Electronics

St. Peter School in Quincy, Ill. has been making technological strides with financial help from an electronics recycling program. Under the program, the school collects cellphones, ink cartridges, laptops and small electronics and sends them to FundingFactory. In return, the school receives points, which can be converted to cash or used to buy new electronics from the FundingFactory's catalog.

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The High-Tech Return of High School Shop Class

In his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama talked about redesigning schools for a high-tech future. But long gone are the days of shop class, or even "vocational training," said Stephen DeWitt, the senior director of public policy for the Association for Career and Technical Education. What's emerging in schools now is something tougher to pin down.

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Bill Would Allow N.C. Schools to Use Lottery Money for Technology

School districts would be able to use lottery funds to buy technology devices and wire schools under a bill that cleared the House Education Committee Tuesday.

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Boston Welcomes Assistant Superintendent for Tech/Vocational Ed

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol R. Johnson announced the appointment of Roger Bourgeois as Assistant Superintendent for Technical/Vocational Network. Bourgeois, who currently serves as Superintendent of Essex Agricultural and Technical High School in Hathorne, will direct the district’s efforts to expand and enhance technical and vocational opportunities.

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SETDA's is a free resource open to all designed to help address the challenges and leverage the opportunities of next-generation assessment systems powered by technology to ensure readiness for next-generation computer-based assessments, improve curriculum and instruction aimed at college and career readiness, and leverage technology to achieve better results and cost-savings.

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20 NYC Schools Selected for Software Engineering Pilot

In his ongoing effort to make New York City a technological powerhouse, Mayor Michael Bloomberg today revealed the 20 middle and high schools selected for the city’s new Software Engineering Pilot (SEP) program.

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Math Software Evolves with Online, Visual-Driven Instruction

In the 21st-century classroom, K12 students are no longer practicing math equations at the chalkboard. Instead, math instruction has evolved into online and software-based programs that make learning interactive, challenging, and fun. The following math software programs do just that, as well as adapt to a student’s individual needs and skill level and provide much-needed information to teachers and parents.

Our View: School Tech Woes Grow Quickly

The Marblehead (Mass.) School District’s report on the state of its computer infrastructure should be required reading for school officials across the North Shore as an example of how quickly technology can become outdated and how expensive it can be to catch up.

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