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Superintendent Diane Ullman, Simsbury (Conn.) Public Schools
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Education Innovation Heats Up in the Desert

The ASU Skysong Education Innovation Summit has become the can’t-miss education innovation event of the year in just the three years since it was founded.

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FCC and the U.S. DOE Team Up to Invigorate Digital Learning

The Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission will create an outline for schools for how they can implement technology and find funding.
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Which Social Learning Network is Ideal for My District?

While Facebook and Google+ are popular social networks for everyday life, dozens of other networks have been created to provide safe and effective social learning environments for K12 education. Social learning networks (SLNs) allow students to learn 21st-century skills, help students build online portfolios or resumes and collaborate with peers through project-based learning.

New Conn. Magnet School Commands Aquatic Culture

Includes a first-of-its-kind ship simulator for learning how to navigate ships in ports.

Social Learning Networks for K12 Education

Dozens of social learning networks have been created specifically for education to emphasize 21st century skills, project-based learning and collaboration.

Wis. Schools Try to Keep Pace with Digital Evolution

The penguin caused a stir when it arrived last month. Teacher Sarah Halon told her first-graders at Washington Elementary School that if they wanted to keep the bird, they would have to learn how to care for it.

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Quick Tips for Online Identity Management

For district leaders considering idenitity and access management programs, Sandeep Chellani, executive director of product development for the New
York City Public Schools, says it's important to become as aware as possible of the benefits and potential of identity management and not to be at the mercy of vendors. "Districts need to step up and do a better job of voicing concerns and pushing vendors to meet their needs," Chellani says.

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Georgia’s Career Academies are Retooling High School Education for 21st Century

An innovative education model, the career academy aligns high school education with community economic development goals to better prepare students for the 21st-century workforce.

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Online Identity Management

Identity and Access Management is introducing significant instructional and security efficiencies in K12 districts.