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The Race for Education Tech Heats Up

Selling out, cashing in and calling it a day seems to be many startup founders' dream these days. And in a shaky market, who can really blame them?

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Microsoft Recognizes Schools for Innovation in Teaching

Today is World Teachers’ Day, and Microsoft is recognizing 82 schools, including Highland Tech High in Alaska, from around the world for their efforts to better educate children.

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Can Technology Fix Education?

As U.S. educators and policymakers seek ways to boost student achievement, perhaps it’s time to consider a new model, harnessing the power and popularity of technology.

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The Launch of District CIO

District CIO will cover issues of special interest to all senior district-level executives from a CIO perspective.

Establishing a Technological Culture

Debbie Rice, Director of Technology, Auburn (Ala.) City Schools

E-rate Goes Mobile

The FCC launches pilot program, "Learning On-the-Go"

Designing Safe Facilities

Years after the worst school shootings, new building plans, combined with new technologies, make for safer and more secure environments.

A Bright Future in K12 for e-Book Readers

A guide to one segment of education technology

Technical certifications give high school students a leg up

Lee County Public Schools equips students with Adobe certifications that build professional-level skills for careers in digital media and beyond

Consider Technology Solutions Already in Place

Administrators shouldm't only look outside their districts for something new when researching possible products or technology to purchase; solutions can sometimes be found in unexpected places.