New Products

The latest in hardware, software, book & materials, facilities, and the Internet

“Anything that’s wrong we’re going to catch”

People Watch

Kids Connecting With Adults Online

Teach students how to learn with adults from around the world.

Cutting Technology Costs with Refurbished Computers

Preowned models at reduced prices fill some districts’ needs—and stay out of landfills.

New Products

The latest in hardware, software, books & materials, facilities, and the Internet.

The IT Administrator’s Ever-Changing Role

In addition to securing networks, they work to keep students safe.

Bright Green School: New IP network manages a wide array of systems

Working with Cisco, Giddings ISD delivers a 21st century learning environment

A Call for Collaboration

Today’s technology is making it easier and more important than ever to teach students how to work together.

Progressing toward Math Proficiency

Ohio school uses Destination Math, FASTT Math and PLATO Learning to improve math.