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Serious games and the future of education

The tablet classroom may have once been the stuff of science fiction, but modern developments in technology and brain science may have come together to create a massive change in the way we think about education.

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How Digital Literacy is the Foundation of Academic Success

Meeting the Demand for Broadband

Education sector most optimistic about impact of tech-led change

Ninety percent of education leaders, the most out of any sector for which respondents were surveyed, believe that technology has made them more imaginative and creative at work, with 80 percent saying it has also made them more productive. These insights are from a study called "Humans and Machines," conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Ricoh.

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The uncomfortable truth about personalized learning

There doesn’t need to be a fight between teaching and technology in the classroom. The right combination of the two can deliver personalized learning to improve kids’ understanding and enable success.

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Is technology the ‘Superman’ that the ed sector has been waiting for?

The 2010 movie Waiting for Superman highlighted a growing problem in our education system: that students are finding it more challenging to get a quality education based on the current paradigm. While the film raised controversial issues, a thought came to me: Is technology the education sector's Superman?

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A proposal for five all-girl tech schools in NYC

To close the gender gap in city science classrooms, City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn would create five new science schools exclusively for girls.

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Technology will never replace great teachers

Everyone wants to hangout with Sal Khan. The popular founder of the innovative Khan Academy is a good person to rub elbows with—even if you're the Obama administration's top education official.

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Gates invests in program to help teachers discover, share ed tech

There are all kinds of geeky ways teachers can use technology to help their students perform better and learn more. One big problem, however, is that often, instructors either don’t know where to find these tools or just don’t understand how to use them. That’s exactly where Bill Gates wants to lend a helping hand.

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10 worst tech predictions of all time

Foretelling what's going to happen in five, 10 or 30 years is pretty much impossible, but some predictions are so spectacularly wrong they should be immortalized. This list presents predictions from some of the biggest names, publications, and research firms that, to date, have been really far off the mark.

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