A few widgets to consider adding to a classroom blog

Richard Byrne offers some helpful ideas on classroom blogging tools, including one that allows readers to leave voice messages, and another which lets students upload files to an ftp site while keeping all the other files on the site private.

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Brentwood tech coordinator shares tools, techniques in online forum

Christine Baker, technology coordinator for Brentwood Elementary School (Pensacola, Fla.) is one of 11 educators who gave a presentation at the EdModoCon 2013 live online conference. She shared information about tools and techniques being used in the Brentwood classrooms.

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Three Utah schools raise money for iPads and HDTVs

The state gifted digital gear to three schools last year, but this year’s candidates had to provide half the cost, or about $740 per student. For schools that succeeded in raising their share, the funding will be spent on high-definition TVs, more computers, teacher training, and swift wireless networks.

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Florida district hands out Macbooks and iPads

Beginning this school year, every Flagler County student in grades 5-12 will be issued a MacBook or iPad to give them 24/7 access to engaging and interactive technology and digital curriculum resources.

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Education that’s not to the point

Esther Cepeda argues that faculty should use technology to learn better communication skills, not just to regurgitate information to students. Educational technology, she feels, has become a multibillion-dollar racket for an ever-expanding number of companies selling everything from computers, tablets, and software to schools desperate to improve educational outcomes.

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Cobb school board approves digital math book purchase

The Cobb County (Marietta, Ga.) board has decided to purchase $2.9 million worth of electronic math textbooks for its middle and high school students. It’s a scaled-down version of the $7.5 million proposal 100 teachers endorsed that would have provided printed math textbooks, workbooks, and online resources to each of the district’s 108,000 students.

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FCC moves to reform E-Rate subsidy for Internet at schools

U.S. Federal Communications Commission moves to revamp a subsidy program aimed at bringing faster Internet to schools and libraries, after President Barack Obama's plea for a swifter transition to the digital era.

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Classes begin at N.C. county’s first year-round tech school

Monday, July 22, just a month after being let out of school for the summer, nearly 500 children began attending Northwoods Year-Round School of Technology and Innovation. The Jacksonville, N.C. elementary school is Onslow County’s first year-round, technology-focused school.

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MOOCs go to K12: Higher ed trend expands to high schools

K12 districts are beginning to experiment with “massive open online courses”—better known as MOOCs—to offer classes they might not otherwise be able to due to budget cuts or low interest from students.

Tips on using MOOCs successfully in K12