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Wisconsin schools firing more teachers under new collective bargaining laws

School districts are firing more teachers since new collective bargaining laws eliminated job protections granted by union contracts three years ago, according to the state’s teachers’ union and school board association.

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The Chicago schools budget crisis is here

The CPS money crisis is here and — despite district officials' hopes and vows — it will hit students and classrooms.

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NEA loses members due to budget cuts, teacher layoffs

The NEA had expected a bigger drop, but there were fewer job cuts in some states

Minneapolis Schools Propose Reforms to Boost Student Achievement

Educators want to give Minneapolis Public Schools more autonomy on budgets, hiring and schedules.

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Miami-Dade School Board to Vote on Raises, Immigration Study

School Board members may approve pay raises for hundreds of employees today, including some of the district’s senior-most administrators.

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NYC DOE Marks Total Of 26 Schools For The Chopping Block

The city on Tuesday expanded its list of more schools headed to close or phase out due to poor performance.

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Coalition Proposes Alternative Solutions for Philly Schools

The solution for avoiding school closings and continued, painful budget cuts in the Philadelphia School District?

While Sickouts Close 3 Detroit Schools, Others Manage with Fewer Teachers

At least three school districts in Metro Detroit will be closed Tuesday because many teachers are calling in sick to join union demonstrations in Lansing against the Legislature's expected passage of right-to-work legislation.

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Miami-Dade Teachers Union Chief Won’t Seek Another Term

United Teachers of Dade President Karen Aronowitz is announcing Monday that she will not seek a fourth term at the helm of the union, which represents some 21,000 teachers and 11,000 other school employees in Miami-Dade.

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Wis. Largest Teachers Unions Agree to Consider Merging

The state’s two largest teachers unions will formally discuss a merger after the Wisconsin Education Association Council voted to do so at a special assembly in Madison over the weekend.

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