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Unions Say State Schools Would Benefit From Jobs Bill

A week after the Senate knocked down President Barack Obama's $447 billion jobs bill, leaders from the West Virginia Federation of Teachers and the West Virginia AFL-CIO touted the education benefits of the president's plan Monday, saying it would repair run-down schools, hire more educators and funnel resources to West Virginia's neediest children.

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N.Y. School Aides' Union and City Hall Clash Over Layoffs

With more than 700 school aides facing their last day at work on Friday barring a last-minute deal, the Bloomberg administration is blaming the school aides’ powerful labor union, District Council 37, for not doing enough to prevent the layoffs.

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Branstad Plan Calls for Sweeping Education Reform

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstadon Monday unveiled an education reform plan that focuses on tying teacher pay to performance and will form the centerpiece of a legislative package he intends to introduce before lawmakers convene early next year.

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Wisconsin School Unions: Hundreds Seek Recertification Following Contentious Rights Law

More than 200 school unions in Wisconsin met Friday's deadline to seek recertification, but it's unclear how many others let it pass and gave up the little bargaining powers they had left under Republican Gov. Scott Walker's contentious union rights law.

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Small Town Superintendent Rouses Supporters at SOS March

Why John Kuhn, superintendent of Perrin-Whitt (Texas) School District stood up for teachers.

Wisconsin’s Ripple Effect

Unions around the country are fearing their collective bargaining rights will too be taken away.

Wisconsin District Administrators Say Bills Go Too Far

District administrators in Wisconsin would appreciate greater management leeway in negotiations with teachers' unions, but many say the collective bargaining restrictions crafted by Gov. Scott Walker and the republican-controlled legislature go too far.

Central Falls District Rises from Failure to Transformation

The resolution that Gallo and the Central Falls Teachers' Union agreed upon.

Wanted: Supermen and Superwomen

Waiting for Superman portrays an unrealistic view of the nation's public schools.

Controlling Health Care Costs

Increasingly higher premiums in K12 districts are being offset in innovative ways.