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Streaming Plus

Streaming Plus provides teachers and students access to a library of more than 112,000 standards-aligned, digital resources that address multiple learning styles. Resources include instructional videos, games, audio files, images, writing prompts, and encyclopedia articles.


Evan Marwell: 40 million kids waiting for future to download

Some countries outperform the United States in reading, math and science because they understand you need to be wired to get hired. That's why President Barack Obama has announced ConnectED to connect 99 percent of American students to high-speed broadband within five years.

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Student leads Pennsylvania school board into video age

A student convinced Blackhawk School Board members to videotape their meetings and post the video to the school’s website. Matt Young, a junior who made a presentation, told the board videos will increase public access and awareness.

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Bringing Science to Rural Classrooms

Online Credit Recovery for High School Students

Closing Early Education Gaps for At-Risk Students

Dropout prevention programs at every level.

Maine democrats take steps against virtual charter schools

Democrats on the legislature's Education Committee voted Monday to advance three bills that would either change the certification requirements for taxpayer-financed virtual charter schools or delay their operation in Maine. They feel the state should not subsidize the for-profit entities.

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Killeen Independent School District Deepens Professional Development Partnership with ASCD

Killeen Independent School District (ISD)—whose more than 6,100 staff members serve approximately 42,000 students—is deepening its relationship with ASCD to meet its professional development goals.

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Cost to Expand Texas Virtual Schools is High

Legislative efforts to dramatically boost the number of Texas students taking online courses have been sidetracked by strong opposition from public education groups and a hefty price tag that stunned supporters.

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Virtual School Puts Florida on Cutting Edge

During its first year of operation, Florida Virtual School had 77 students. The next year, it had 476 students; then 2,489 students the year after that. Now, Florida Virtual School is a national brand, becoming the top online-course provider in America and serving tens of thousands of students every year, all over the country.

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