virtual learning

Importance of Pushing Digital Education

President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan last year issued what has become known as the "digital mandate," challenging schools to adopt digital technology by 2017.

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Virtual Learning Bills Gain Momentum in Fla. Legislature

Florida schoolchildren and college students will soon have greater access to online learning programs, if Republican lawmakers have their way.

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Online Learning Popular at Connecticut Magnet School

Students and faculty members at the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering met faculty from other school districts this week to discuss the school's online learning program. The program, run by the Virtual High School Collaborative, provides the magnet school with several hundred courses for students to take from teachers across the globe, including 21 advanced placement courses.

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California Students Take Part in Online Education

Each morning, students head to classrooms to learn the day's lessons, but one school is providing children with the same education in a different environment. California Virtual Academies, or CAVA, provides students with the same K12 curriculum they'd have in a public school, but they access it online.

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First, Only Virtual School in Mass. Will be Closed

A new state law, signed in January, which establishes Commonwealth virtual schools, would have required the locally run academy to be overseen by the state, like a charter school.

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Mass. 'Virtual Schools' Earn Praise from Panel

Legislators and educators applauded the benefits of virtual schools at a Thursday seminar, praising the innovation that allows students to learn at their own pace and take advantage of technology in the classroom.

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Ohio Asks: Are E-Schools Innovative Or an Education Bust?

The Hingsbergen family of Fairfield Township, Ohio, is an e-school family.

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Mich. Schools Offer Virtual Learning Centers

With time comes change and with change comes growth. Through the years education and technology have been changing and schools have been growing to encompass these new changes. With locations in Ashley High School, St. Louis, Fulton and St. Johns, several mid-Michigan schools provide new virtual learning centers.

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Flipping the Script in K12

‘Flipped classrooms’ gain ground, as students watch lectures on video, mostly at home, then do what would be ‘homework’ in class.

Gesturing to Learn

Video game technology is in motion in Loudoun County schools.