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Buffalo Schools Fail to Implement Wellness Policy

One aspect of school improvement that is not being given the emphasis it deserves is the health and safety of our children. A snapshot of public health indicators among Buffalo Public School students reflects a troubling picture.

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Peanut Butter, Garlic Bread Back on School Plates

In a battle over healthier school lunches that pitted the Obama administration against school children, chalk up a point for the kids. Students have been complaining that some of their favorite foods were taken off the plate because of the Obama administration's efforts to make school lunches healthier. Last week, the administration reversed some of the new school lunch rules, and the kids are happy again, says Dave Porter, superintendent of Wallace County, Kansas, schools.

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Schools Ditch Classroom, Put Play Back in Education

Perhaps play is not the opposite of work, but synonymous with it. This theory is emerging from a growing body of scientific evidence, reviewed here by the University of Georgia, showing education is not the same as disinterested drudgery: For children and adults, "play is an important mediator for learning and socialization throughout life."

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Portland (Ore.) Schools Incorporating 'Character' Education

A new style of learning, championed by author Paul Tough, is being applied in Portland's public schools and in the creative writing programs offered at The Telling Room.

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Greenville High Students Take Stance Against Lunch

Some seniors at Greenville High School are banding together to make a difference so students don’t feel hungry due to new food regulations. New requirements headed by first lady Michelle Obama and members of Congress went into effect across the nation this school year.

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La. Launches Site on Child Well-being

A new one-stop, online system is available to help parents and others keep track of how Louisiana’s children are doing when it comes to education, health care and poverty statistics.

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Return-to-Work Program Avoids Myths

Making Skin Cancer Awareness a Priority in Schools