Where's my Wi-Fi?

District leaders tackle bandwidth demand with different solutions

Conditions for building a technology learning plan

Tips including empowering leaders, sharing a vision and providing technical support

UniFi Wi-Fi

The Unifi Wi-Fi system is designed to be easily deployed and managed at any size campus. Administrators can select the Wi-Fi hardware to install inside and outside of district buildings. UniFi can be controlled on PC or Mac, or by Linux software, and can be used as a private or a public cloud service.

IdentiFi Wireless

IdentiFi Wireless provides wired-like internet access for mobile and BYOD users. It includes Wi-Fi access points, centralized management, HD video, and data services. The system is designed to route Wi-Fi traffic to boost performance and reliability.

Delivering cellular services on large campuses

As districts across the U.S. struggle with growing bandwidth issues caused by 1-to-1 implementation, BYOD, online testing and more, this case study of how Yale University made mobile access easy campuswide should provide some helpful advice.

FCC aims to expand broadband access in schools

Districts may have more affordable access to broadband internet service as early as fall 2014, thanks to an FCC proposal to reform the federal E-rate program that connects schools and public libraries to the internet.

Obama promises high-speed Internet in most schools in 5 years

President Obama has called on the Federal Communications Commission to expand an existing program to provide discounted high-speed Internet service to schools and libraries, even if it means increasing the fees that for years had been added to consumers’ phone bills.

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Maryland district partners with local internet provider

Frederick County students who rely on the strength of their wireless signal to help them connect to their school work will get a boost from a new collaboration among county schools, libraries, parks and internet provider Comcast.

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North Allegheny (Pa.) schools to make infrastructure upgrades

The North Allegheny School Board approved wiring upgrades and security measures for its buildings. Projects include replacing network infrastructure equipment, upgrading data wiring for all seven elementary schools, and installing wireless coverage in each district building.

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