New Hampshire's largest district installing Wi-Fi

Manchester, New Hampshire's school technology director said that by the start of the next school year, students and staff should see a new Wi-Fi network in place at all campuses across the district, as well as an upgrade to the school library system.

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Changing the Network to Connect the Learner Anywhere, Anytime

The Consortium for School Networking and global technology company Qualcomm have come together to help schools understand the evolving needs of education networks. Through Designing Education Networks, a project funded by Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative, the partnership aims to provide guidance and resources for district tech decision makers who are developing a wireless infrastructure to support a one-device-per student 24/7 learning environment.

Central Dauphin School District Chooses SafeConnect for 1-to-1 Computing Initiative with Wireless Network

Central Dauphin (Pa.) School District (CDSD) has chosen SafeConnect to manage its wireless network and extend it to students and faculty, allowing access to a variety of learning resources such as Moodle and Scholarport. SafeConnect, widely implemented by both leading colleges and K-12 school districts to meet 1-to-1 computing initiatives, identifies and authenticates mobile devices and provides a mechanism to assess and enforce network security policies in real time.

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E-Rate Updates from E-Rate Central

The good news for the highest discount applicants is that USAC has notified the FCC that it has identified a total of $1.05 billion which are available to carry forwardfor E-Rate funding into subsequent funding years.

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Tips for BYOD K12 Programs

Critical issue in moving to "Bring Your Own Device."

"Internet Buses" Provide Wi-Fi to Students on the Go

Wireless router installed in school bus