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Pittsburgh schools to clarify codes of conduct

Refusing to remove a baseball cap in school or being in the hallway after the late bell rings are not offenses one might expect would land a student in the court system.

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Texas district draws complaints for prayer at preschool graduation

A graduation ceremony at a Texas preschool that began with a prayer is drawing criticism from a group advocating for the separation of church and state.

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Oakland (Calif.) charter school seeks court order to stay open

An Oakland charter school that has high-achieving students but allegedly engaged in financial improprieties has gone to court to try to keep its doors open. The Oakland school board voted by a narrow 4-3 margin on March 20 to revoke the charter for the American Indian Model Schools, alleging that the school hasn't done enough to rectify financial irregularities that were found in a state audit last year.

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Atlanta Overhauls Testing after Cheating Scandal

Sacramento Schools Continue to Suspend Black Students At Disproportionate Rates

More black students were suspended last school year in Sacramento County than any other ethnic group, even though there are more local white, Asian and Hispanic students in local schools, according to new state data.

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Students at San Diego High School Suspended for 'Twerking'

A group of high school students has been suspended from Scripps Ranch High School and may not be able to attend prom or walk during commencement ceremonies because of a video made at school that depicts “twerking,” a suggestive manner of dancing.

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Online Test Security Breached at Denver Middle School

About 35 sixth-graders at DSST Stapleton learned some hard lessons about cheating last month. The students were caught worming their way into an online instant assessment program in science and English (called “mastery checks”) and changing answers so their teachers would believe they had mastered subjects.

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Colorado Teacher's Racy Twitter Posts Under Investigation

Carly McKinney, a teacher in the Cherry Creek, Colo. School District, has been put on paid leave as the district investigates her Twitter account, CBS Denver reports. The 23-year-old, who teaches math at Overland High School in Aurora, reportedly has a Twitter account filled with racy pictures and posts about smoking pot.

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Tech Era Calls for More Education and Restriction

Youth internet addiction has reached a desperate and concerning level — so much so that it's resulting in legal action. Most recently, two California teens were charged with "conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical with food" after one of them drugged her parents' milkshakes to bypass a 10 p.m. internet curfew. When children begin drugging their own parents for extra minutes on the web, the issue has gone from comical to dangerous, and something needs to change.

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‘Disciplinary fees’ Show the Trouble with Charters and Privatization

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry reports that Chicago’s Noble Network of Charter Schools is making some cash on the side by charging “disciplinary fees” to unruly students.

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