The New Backpack Mail: District Mobile Apps

A well designed mobile app can enable more effective district communications

ParentLink Mobile App

The ParentLink mobile app gives the school community a personalized window into what is happening in class. With this app, educators can post grades, assignments and attendance reports along with news, events and announcements. ParentLink also offers emergency messaging, custom messages, language translation and survey features.


The Planboard app helps educators plan their lessons throughout the academic year by aligning with school and classroom schedules. Planboard can provide a synopsis of weekly and daily schedules. A variety of academic standards, like the Common Core, can also be integrated and tracked on Planboard.


This automated messaging service allows users to automatically send voice and text messages—such as district announcements or emergency alerts. Administrators can send messages to designated groups or to all contacts. Messages can be scheduled ahead of time or transmitted immediately.

Apps by SchoolInfoApp

School and district administrators can connect directly with students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni through a school or district’s custom-tailored app. Apps by SchoolInfoApp feature a newsfeed, event calendars, contact directory, interactive maps, quick links, picture and document galleries, student tools, and social media integration. It works with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Electronic privacy: Do schools have a role to play?

Changing technologies—and lax regulations—require extra steps to protect information in the age of smartphones, tablets and cloud storage. These new technologies bring enormous benefits for administrators, students and teachers, but they come with risks, particularly to privacy and information security.

ParentLink App

The ParentLink mobile app gives the school community a personalized window into what is happening at a school. With this app, educators can post grades, assignments, and attendance reports along with news, events, and announcements.

School Info App

This mobile app enables parents, students, alumni, faculty, and staff to quickly access school information and announcements. Users can receive smartphone notifications, view event calendars, get directions to off-campus events, and view staff contact information. Schools can post grades, lunch menus, and important documents.

How schools are managing the move to mobile

The rise of 1-to-1 programs has pushed a surge of mobile devices into schools, creating a whole new logistical challenge for district CIOs. These technology managers are wise to deploy a mobile device management system to keep track of both the hardware and the data.