Where's my Wi-Fi?

District leaders tackle bandwidth demand with different solutions

Conditions for building a technology learning plan

Tips including empowering leaders, sharing a vision and providing technical support

UniFi Wi-Fi

The Unifi Wi-Fi system is designed to be easily deployed and managed at any size campus. Administrators can select the Wi-Fi hardware to install inside and outside of district buildings. UniFi can be controlled on PC or Mac, or by Linux software, and can be used as a private or a public cloud service.

IdentiFi Wireless

IdentiFi Wireless provides wired-like internet access for mobile and BYOD users. It includes Wi-Fi access points, centralized management, HD video, and data services. The system is designed to route Wi-Fi traffic to boost performance and reliability.

Tips for BYOD K12 Programs

Critical issue in moving to "Bring Your Own Device."

"Internet Buses" Provide Wi-Fi to Students on the Go

Wireless router installed in school bus