Project-based learning leads to deeper instruction

Measuring the progress of an engaging instructional program

Student’s cancer battle inspires project-based learning

Fifth grader Cici Collins and her classmates researched the disease, held fundraiser

Schools embrace project-based learning 2.0

A bank in Albuquerque, N.M., had a limited budget to make one of its branches more environmentally sustainable, so students at the local Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Leadership High School rolled up their sleeves and went to work. They searched websites for green design options, consulted with an engineer, and used spreadsheets to compare potential costs and energy savings.

Project-based learning brings wind turbine to school in Nepal

Class at the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology in Hartford designed solar-powered wind turbine

Schools embrace project-based learning 2.0

Technology pushes PBL into fifth gear in K12

San Mateo district petitions for a project-learning-based high school

A petition was filed with the San Mateo Union High School District Thursday for a new high school focused on design and hands-on projects while retaining traditional learning.

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Springfield (Mo.) schools turn performance around with project-based learning

From hands-on learning stations to taking kids out of the classroom and putting them in the field, Springfield (Mo.) Public Schools is committed to project-based learning.

Indiana brings project-based learning to Lowell Middle School

Indiana's Tri-Creek Schools has adopted the project-based learning approach developed by the nonprofit New Tech Network to educate students using a rigorous, hands-on curricula and computers. Seventh-graders at Lowell Middle School will be the first group in the district to be immersed in the new culture.

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Clarksville (Ind.) district awaiting decision on high-tech high school

Kim Knott, superintendent of Clarksville (Ind.) Community Schools, is hoping to have an answer soon from the board on whether they can move forward with the project-based and problem-focused high school learning model.

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How do we engage students in learning that matters?

Julie Wilson, founder and executive director of the Institute for the Future of Learning, writes in the Partnership for 21st Century Skills blog about engaging students in real-world, project-based learning.

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