Post Graduate Surveys

This service creates customizable postgraduate surveys for districts. Administrators can write questions that ask graduates about the quality of education they received. LifeTrack will create and mail the survey to the former students and follow up with a phone call. It compiles the data and sends a report to administrators.

Here are some alternatives to the recently discontinued Google SMS

Google SMS provided a great way for students to learn right from their phones. Sadly, now Google's SMS solutions are gone. Google's decision to streamline their services leaves behind many of our students who no longer have access to the internet. Fortunately, there are other options.

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Paddling Makes Comeback in Florida Schools

Study: Girls and Boys Perform Equally in Math Competitions

Pediatricians Say No to Expulsions, Suspensions

The AAP, a leading group of pediatricians, said school "zero-tolerance" policies toward kids' behavior problems do no good.

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Threat of Using 'Bubble Gun' Gets Pa. 5-year-old Suspended

A 5-year-old kindergartner who told classmates she was going to shoot them, and then herself, with her pink gun that shoots bubbles, was grilled for three hours by school officials without her mother’s knowledge, and then suspended.

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Online Learning Ambassadors Embrace Global Learning

Keeping Fighting in the Ring and Out of Schools

At age 16, Rob McCullough walked into an LA Boxing gym for the first time. The teen had left home, moving from one friend's couch to another, and now finally felt like he found a place where he belonged.

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Md. Schools to Show More Tolerance

A 12-year-old Montgomery County student was being sent to the hallway for being disruptive in class.

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Pennsylvania School District, ACLU Agree to Pledge of Allegiance Settlement

The American Civil Liberties Union and a southwestern Pennsylvania school district have signed an agreement settling a lawsuit brought by a girl who claimed she was disciplined for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

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