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Lakota Local School District in Ohio recently increased its communications staff to compete with private and parochial schools.
Alison DeNisco
Schools amp up communications and upgrades to keep from losing students to charters, private schools
Alison DeNisco
Conflicting information from so many sources makes communication from the district even more important
Nevada state Sen. Aaron Ford's truancy bill requires students to prove good attendance when applying for a driver's license.
Alison DeNisco
In other people news, Larry Nyland becomes permanent superintendent of Seattle Public Schools
Joseph Scherer is executive director of Superintendents’ National Dialogue.
Joseph Scherer
If educators want a voice in policy, they must be prepared to be heard

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Risk manager seeing benefits of the role after 22 years at Garland ISD
A panel of experts discusses the best ways to successfully implement online learning
Software from MIND Research Institute contributing to math success at Palomino Intermediate
Today, anticipating and eliminating risks in schools is more important than ever. When it comes to risk management, being proactive saves lives, property, and money.
Interactive, web-based district planning. A case study with Miami-Dade County Public Schools