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Arizona struggles with few established teachers

Arizona has been grappling with a shortage of established teachers in public schools across the state. Large numbers of new teachers and teachers getting ready to retire have left a gap of experienced classroom instructors.

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Philadelphia district hoping for viable school makeover plans

The Pennsylvania district is inviting principals and teachers to present their own instructional ideas to overhaul Philadelphia schools. Up to ten schools will be revamped under the city's School Redesign Initiative.

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As high school lacrosse surges in popularity, so does injury focus

Sometimes called the fastest game on two feet, lacrosse is also one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S.  Researchers analyzed a database of reports compiled by athletic trainers at high schools across the country. Boys lacrosse has injury rates very similar to football and hockey, while injuries in girls lacrosse are in line with those for soccer, basketball and field hockey.

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School quality linked to teen health

Successful high schools don’t just mean higher academic achievement, a new study finds. They may also mean healthier behaviors among teens. The study compared students from highly rated charter high schools with those from regular public high schools—all located in low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods.

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Missouri board restores transfer rights for certain Normandy students

The rules concerning Normandy transfer students changed once again this week, with the Missouri Board of Education allowing some students to remain in their new schools after telling them in June they couldn’t stay.

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Longer school days don't always lead to better performance

Low-achieving school systems around the country are moving towards longer school days, in hopes of better test scores. But the extended day experiment, largely supported by federal money, doesn't always work, The Hechinger Report finds.

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Measuring academic growth in Georgia

The academic growth component isn't the only, or even the primary, tool for measuring school performance in Georgia, but it should be considered an important one. Success can't be measured just by how much students know, but also by how much more they know than they did when they started.

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Virginia governor will not appeal school takeover division ruling

Gov. Terry McAuliffe will not appeal a ruling that deemed the state’s school takeover division unconstitutional. The judge ruled that as the Virginia Constitution vests the authority to establish school divisions in the Board of Education — and not the General Assembly — the Opportunity Educational Institution is not constitutional.

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BoomWriter launches interactive vocabulary tool

WordWriter, BoomWriter's new technology-based vocabulary tool, lets students apply, share and assess their knowledge of vocabulary.

Tackling challenges of education and health together

We all too often tackle challenges in distinct fields separately, but America is experiencing challenges in education and health that could be tackled together in ways that are mutually beneficial and cost-effective. The good news is that one proven model already exists.

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