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New partnership extends internet access to students at home

Kajeet recently partnered with CDW-G to help districts ensure that as they launch educational technology programs, all of their students also have internet for education at home and wherever else they need to do homework.

More kids are eating fruit at school, study finds

Since updated government-subsidized lunchroom guidelines went into effect in 2012, the percentage of students choosing fruit in the cafeteria increased from 54 in 2012 to 66 percent in 2014 and those eating the healthier entrees went from 74 to 84 percent.

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Beverly Hall passes away with her legacy and criminal case unresolved

The former Atlanta schools superintendent whose renown as an education reformer dissolved amid the ignominy of the nation’s largest test-cheating scandal, died of breast cancer at the age of 68.

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Oregon district to renovate nearly 30 schools

Portland Public Schools has slated 27 schools for facility improvement work this summer. The record-breaking $482 million bond in 2012 will ultimately cover building improvements at up to 67 schools.

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Largest bond in Tulsa history passes with overwhelming support

The biggest bond in Tulsa Public Schools history passed with about 85 percent approval. The Oklahoma district will have $415 million to spend on construction, technology, libraries and transportation.

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Assembly OKs school bond bill, keeps Nevada prevailing wage

The emergency bill allowing Nevada school districts to issue 10-year bonds without voter approval passed the Assembly. The bill was a quick replacement for Senate Bill 119, which was stalled because of a provision to drop the prevailing workers wage for school construction projects requirement.

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Charter school bill approved by Alabama Senate committee

The Senate committee approved legislation to allow districts to convert existing public schools to charter schools and authorize the establishment of up to 10 start-up charter schools in the state each year for at least five years. It would also exempt charter schools from several education laws, including teacher certification.

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Texas Senate panel approves graduation exam exemption bill

Senate Education Committee members approved legislation that would allow thousands of high school seniors to get a diploma without passing state graduation exams — a requirement that has been in place for 28 years.

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Two southwest Missouri districts approve 4-day school week

Students in Miller and Pierce City will have four-day school weeks and Stockton also is considering a Tuesday through Friday schedule starting next school year. Districts explored the option as a way to save money, better engage students and keep quality teachers.

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Calif. lawmakers push for 'yes means yes' consent law at high schools

California lawmakers are pushing to expand legislation on consent for sex to high schools, as part of ongoing efforts to combat sexual assault on college campuses. The recently adopted “yes means yes” bill establishes an affirmative consent standard for sexual assault investigations at all state colleges that accept public funds.

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