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Florida’s virtual school options boom

The state has embraced online learning in a big way with the largest virtual school system in the country. Upward of 200,000 students take at least one online course, a surge driven by the 2011 Florida Digital Learning Act requiring at least one online course to graduate.

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools adds 53 new programs

The additional programs brings the number of choice programs available up to 500 for the large Florida county's students. Wi-Fi on school buses is also on the list of new options for the new school year.

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Orange County schools monitor students' social media posts

Controversy surrounds the Florida school district's decision to monitor students' and teachers' social media posts. The software program being used allows the school district to search thousands of posts on sites to hunt for keywords that might indicate potential dangers, including cyberbullying, suicide and crime.

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How much space does a school need? NYC agrees to tweak its answers

The city has agreed to amend how it calculates the amount of available space in school buildings, which are often shared by multiple schools. It has also agreed to consider bigger adjustments to the city’s school-space tally, like factoring in how many special-needs students a school serves when calculating how much space it requires.

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Palm Beach County school board seeks solutions to racial disparities

A commissioned report reiterated the longstanding problem of racial disparities in student success in the distrct. The preliminary study included a few suggestions, such as hiring more minority teachers as well as more teachers of English as a second language.

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Oklahoma withholds school graduation rates

The state Department of Education refuses to release the 2013-14 graduation rates for 58 percent of the state’s public school districts and charter schools, mostly smaller ones. The department says that according to its legal interpretation, doing so would violate a state law meant to protect student privacy.

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Education company Blackboard seeks $3 billion sale

The U.S. learning software company is exploring a sale that it hopes could value it at as much as $3 billion, including debt. Blackboard provides custom software to help students collaborate on assignments and communicate with teachers.

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Odysseyware unveils redesigned course customization builder

The redesigned custom course builder allows educators to quickly identify and organize the building blocks of a course to further personalize the learning experience for each student. Additionally, educators are able to search curriculum by topic and standard to facilitate even more customization.

Cradlepoint broadens small branch networking

The company has expanded its WWAN platform with the introduction of the cloud-delivered AER 3100, which provides an all-in-one networking and security solution.

Switching high schools for athletics shouldn’t happen, but it does

The dark side to Texans' competitive nature is a growing abuse of rules prohibiting transfers for athletic purposes. One partial solution is to have cases heard by a different district’s executive committee, at least mitigating direct conflict of interest.

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