CIO News

No more school landlines with E-rate update

Discount rates for long-distance calling, cell phones and other services will drop by 20 percent every year starting this year

Federal digital privacy proposal restricts use of student data

While protecting students’ privacy, the act also aims to give enough freedom for companies to conduct research

Tips for hiring the best tech staff

Today's CIOs must focus on user experience, data security and mobile learning

More states make computer science count

25 states now count computer science courses toward high school graduation requirements

New laws strengthen protection of student data

New laws set rules for how districts should store this information, and for informing parents what data has been collected

What E-rate changes mean for your district

New funds coming to expand district Wi-Fi capacity, but phone and email subsidies will end

Teachers take charge of mobile devices

Mobile device management software allows one person to update the content and security settings on hundreds of devices

Saving money with refurbished technology

CIOs should make sure refurbished devices are compatible with school software and have sufficient memory

Computer science hiring still puzzles school districts

Schools compete for computer science graduates with private sector's higher salaries

4G offers option for rural school learning

LTE offers fast data download and upload speeds for cell phones and tablets