Feature for District CIO

Finding purpose for 3D printers in schools

Lower costs, better materials make three-dimensional printing a reality for more districts

3D printer companies: In their own words

Trends and other issues school district CIOs need to be aware of

Schools boost broadband to meet demand

How to upgrade your network to handle today’s education traffic

Maximizing your education apps

Districts must maintain security while giving teachers and students freedom to explore

LMS enhances K12 instruction

Systems increase engagement, provide quick access to digital resources and help teachers with administrative tasks

On alert, online

More districts watch social media for posts in which students threaten others or themselves--and take action

Social media monitoring raises thorny legal questions

While there’s probably no criminal liability, comprehensive monitoring could put schools in difficult positions

Defending school data security

District leaders need internal and external defenses to keep networks secure

Schools enter age of student IT

Teen tech skills help CIOs cope with staff shortages

Locking down student data

Keeping information out of the wrong hands requires leadership, diligence and collaboration