science curriculum

PLEx Life Science

Based on Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core, PLEx Life Science contains four game-based curriculum units and two enrichment games. These games for grades 5–9 focus on subjects such as cell functions and processes; heredity and genetics; plant functions and processes; and inheritance, unity and diversity.


This math and science robotics kit comes with four robots and lesson plans for teachers. It also comes with a tablet loaded with interactive lessons, quizzes and an instructional video that show students how math is relevant to their world. The lesson plans are aligned with mandated Common Core, TEKS and STAAR standards for middle and high school.

Engineering is Elementary

This elementary engineering curriculum offers 20 integrated STEM units, each based on a storybook that provides context for a design challenge, such as creating a race car out of recycled materials. Using inquiry and problem-solving skills, students work in teams to apply science and math knowledge to creatively design and improve possible solutions.

SmartMicroScope iGO

Up to three students can connect their mobile devices to view the live images from the SmartMicroScope iGO. Using six LED lights, each microscope can take pictures and record videos of science class materials, such as plants, soil and rocks. The free SmartMicroscope app is compatible with Apple and Android devices.


This core science solution offers differentiated online instruction, combining the expertise of Achieve3000 and National Geographic Learning. By making science accessible to all learners, eScience is designed to help meet STEM objectives to move U.S. students to the top in science achievement over the next decade. eScience3000 can fulfill all district requirements for core science programs.

Preparing for the Next Generation Science Standards

Administrators need to be ready for the increased rigor of the NGSS

Zombies invade STEM in new online program

Zombies will be feeding the minds of STEM students using a new program created by Texas Instruments that blends science and math concepts with popular television shows and movies. The “STEM Behind Hollywood” program provides free teaching materials that also feature forensics, space, and superheroes.

Guesses and hype give way to data in study of education

What works in science and math education? Until recently, there had been few solid answers—just guesses and hunches, marketing hype, and extrapolations from small pilot studies. But now, a little-known office in the DOE is starting to get some real data, using the randomized clinical trial method, in which groups of subjects are randomly assigned to get either an experimental therapy, the standard therapy, a placebo, or nothing.

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Exemplary science standards: How does your state compare?

With states weighing whether to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), a new analysis from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute compares the existing science standards of 38 states with the NGSS and exemplary standards from three other states.

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Alabama district expands robotics program

The Shelby County Board of Education is expanding its science and technology programs this year by offering Chelsea Middle School the same robotics course available at Oak Mountain Middle School.

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