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Business Partnerships

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Nonprofits build bridges with schools

Melanie Lasoff Levs
April, 2016

In many partnerships that bring businesses and schools together, a private or nonprofit third party serves as a bridge to the most successful collaborations.

Business boost for education

Melanie Lasoff Levs
April, 2016
At Banneker High School in Georgia, a student in the JA-MBA program, right, presents his case study at Chick-fil-A headquarters, one of many businesses that students visit.

Collaborations between businesses and districts run deeper than internships. Business representatives help districts create curriculum and train teachers. They also volunteer as coaches and mentors to help students gain college and career readiness skills.

Districts of Distinction March 2016: Creative collaboration

Ray Bendici
March, 2016
 Allegheny Valley School District’s MakerSpace allows students to experiment with STEAM concepts.

Educators constantly face new challenges that often require resources that may be in short supply. But this round’s Districts of Distinction honorees show a surplus of exemplary creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills that are increasing student achievement and graduation rates and, most importantly, facilitating education.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Tiffany Anderson
December, 2015

Schools are the center of the community and when schools are transformed in positive ways, communities are transformed. The continued rise of poverty is not surprising when policies and practices that could contribute to eliminating poverty are not addressed well. The foundation of systematic oppression is rooted in practices that contribute to a system becoming self-perpetuating because the conditions are institutionalized and habits are formed that are not interrupted.

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