Table of Contents: District Administration, February 2015

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Cover Story

A guide to recruiting and nurturing successful teachers



How to work around tight budgets so the school counselor’s job is done right
A guide to recruiting and nurturing successful teachers
Food, paper, electronics top the list for making money, saving the planet’s resources
Schools personalize programs designed to bring students back to class
Upcoming NSTA conference focuses on standards and creativity

District CIO

CIO News

Today's CIOs must focus on user experience, data security and mobile learning


Keeping information out of the wrong hands requires leadership, diligence and collaboration


Professional Opinion

How cultivating teacher leaders can help strengthen a school
Why a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for every child
To keep the focus on instruction, IT can automate access to key learning systems


District Dialogue

Oak Ridge Schools’ chief Bruce Borchers pushes rigorous initiatives


News Update

Finding of grade inflation criticized by teacher educators
Schools amp up communications and upgrades to keep from losing students to charters, private schools
Community demand often leads schools to add classes in less-common languages, such as Hmong, Arabic, Hindi and Swahili
Court finds state funding formula denies many poor, rural students their right to an adequate education
Enrollment at Rutherford County Schools in central Tennessee rose from 29,600 in 2003-04 to 41,000 this year

Common Core Update

Conflicting information from so many sources makes communication from the district even more important

Photo Essay

Calhoun County Schools in Alabama is first district in the nation to pilot a "vapor wake detection" service

People Watch

In other people news, Larry Nyland becomes permanent superintendent of Seattle Public Schools


A new book looks at how to study smarter, not harder