Table of Contents: District Administration, August 2014

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Cover Story

Rising from the Great Recession, districts renovate and build for future challenges



What administrators need to know about roofing, windows and insulation
Districts cut costs, save time and extend buying power through purchasing co-ops
Keeping turf fields in prime condition is about precision and expertise
Digital interactivity, multimedia and adaptability drive student engagement
Rising from the Great Recession, districts renovate and build for future challenges

District CIO


7 steps for choosing platforms and changing the game in K12 achievement

CIO News

LTE offers fast data download and upload speeds for cell phones and tablets


Professional Opinion

Districts everywhere can learn a lesson from California
The right teachers are fundamental to student achievement. Don’t sacrifice quality for speed.
What they don’t teach you in educational leadership programs


District Dialogue

Florida citrus-belt district reaches out to migrant families, ELLs and the economically disadvantaged


News Update

Former Houston ISD press secretary offers tips for how district leaders can deal with unwanted attention
Booktrack Classroom allows students to create synchronized soundtracks for any kind of digital text
Students grow fruits and vegetables to raise funds for the poor and homeless
School libraries with more staff and larger collections lead to stronger academic performance, a study says
Superintendents should provide an overall vision for Common Core and digital technology goals
Nine out of 10 jobs created in the state before the end of the decade will be in STEM-related fields
Schools can save--without compromising instruction--by managing class size, streamlining special ed meetings
California insurance provider offering free online training courses

People Watch

Also: Michael Martirano was unanimously elected West Virginia’s state superintendent of schools


A new book shows how fear and bad data are used to influence education policy