Table of Contents: District Administration, June 2015

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Cover Story

Districts deliver the more rigorous instruction that advanced students need to reach full potential



Districts deliver the more rigorous instruction that advanced students need to reach full potential
Computers advance as writing assessment tool that saves teachers time
Embedding reading across curriculum will be key topic at upcoming ILA conference
Field trips to the Elwha River near the Pacific coast let students do real-world experiments
Keeping employees safe and on the job

District CIO


Systems increase engagement, provide quick access to digital resources and help teachers with administrative tasks

CIO News

Some apps allow teachers to videotape themselves so they can get instant feedback from peers and mentors


Professional Opinion

How educators can empower teens to make smart education and career choices
Brain science shows why we should rescue this fading skill
Teacher’s evaluations of students will measure progress better than Common Core tests


District Dialogue

Darwin Stiffler, Yuma Elementary School District chief, takes education personally


News Update

23 states have high populations of American Indian students, and reservations see high turnover rates of teachers and administrators
Law urges districts to focus on psychologists, computer teachers, gifted education specialists and ESL teachers
One of the biggest trends is “makerspaces” where students use their imaginations to create crafts, electronics, videos and other projects
Some 34 states fund ELL programs through their state’s primary funding formula
Leadership is second only to classroom instruction when it comes to influencing student learning
It remains unclear how widespread the opt-out movement is across the nation
Report finds fewer offerings and resources for girls' teams in high minority schools

Photo Essay

Project’s funding came from bond passed by voters in 2012 and state money

Common Core Update

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) addresses students’ individual learning needs to reach standards

People Watch

Administrator creates new alternative high school program at Westerville City School District in Ohio