Table of Contents: District Administration, Mar 2006

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Cover Story

Mary Frances Callan, Palo Alto (Calif.) Unified School District.



Thanks to virtual town meetings with students across the globe, it's easy to share information about
An under-resourced school district receives a state-of-the-art media center
Evolution v. intelligent design doesn't have to pull a school district apart and leave both sides gu
To get the most qualified candidates, you need to be online
One district goes beyond the usual RFP to create a document that challenges vendors to think creati
Mary Frances Callan, Palo Alto (Calif.) Unified School District.
Seattle (Wash.) Public Schools; Wayne (N.J.) Public Schools www.wayneschools.


Online Edge

Sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Xanga are transforming teen cultures.


Research Center

Education data and research analysis from Edvantia

Administrator Profile

Brian L. Benzel, Spokane (Wash.) Public Schools

District Profile

Madison (Wis.) Metropolitan School District


Problem: Rochester Community Schools in Michigan, was facing the challenge of how to maximize its in


Inside The Law

Making clear that the Connecticut NAACP is not endorsing the No Child Left Behind law, President Sco


Following the Philosophy of Wozniak
The latest in books, hardware, software and the Internet