Table of Contents: District Administration, Oct 2009

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Two organizations helping to mold the Common Core State Standards
The Tennessee Department of Education has achieved outstanding success with its Exemplary Educators program.
Superintendent Gerald Kohn talks about improvements, firsts and future challenges.
Districts provide the latest programs to help failing students succeed.


Professional Opinion

In addition to securing networks, they work to keep students safe.

Crisis Response

Taking the right actions can prevent one suicide from leading to others.



Shallowater (Texas) schools creates energy savings to fund reading.

District Profile

It’s a powerful way to cut energy costs.

Administrator Profile

Superintendent Michael Smith has a penchant for technology that’s taken him far.


News Update

Budget shortfalls mean fewer school buses.


High-tech signs get more popular to post announcements and emergencies.
Common Core State Standards could be the answer to moving education forward.
The latest in hardware, software, books & materials, facilities, and the Internet.