Table of Contents: District Administration, Jan 2010

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Cover Story

The truth about the school lunch wars.



Preowned models at reduced prices fill some districts’ needs—and stay out of landfills.
State retirement funds are in crisis, and school systems will likely pay more of the bill.
While zero-tolerance policies come into question, urban districts are trying alternatives—and seeing considerable success.


Online Edge

Teach students how to learn with adults from around the world.

Crisis Response

Homophobia in districts is widespread—and can have tragic results.

Supervisors Opinion

The right selection process can uncover the true gems.


District Profile

Hawaii’s district takes back restructuring effort from private ed firms.

Administrator Profile

Principal Kathelyne Dye-Gallagher in Milwaukee, Wis., started by considering student emotional and social needs.


A new private program for special education students helps administrators breathe easier and puts students on track for a successful future.


News Update

The MILE Guide helps K12 leaders provide their students with successful skills.
High school students missing core benchmarks, according to ACT test scores
An alarming trend shows glaring gaps in race, ethnicity.

Health Update

New products with a new flu angle
Schools prepare for virus outbreak with at home learning resources


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